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Helps Ministry

The Helps Ministry is coordinated by the Deacons and is designed to provide services to members of First Church with regard to maintenance, travel needs and more when a member is in need of such assistance. The need could be the result of an illness, a new baby, or an elderly member needing help with issues that require physical labor. Examples include fall raking, window washing, flower planting, light housecleaning, occasional childcare, grocery shopping, proving transportation to the doctor, installing a hand railing or a handicap ramp, minor household repairs, and more.

The Volunteer Coordinator organizes and prioritizes requests for assistance from within the congregation, arranges and schedules volunteers to complete the request, and ensures proper follow-up and satisfactory completion. The Helps Coordinator provides opportunities for people to “ask for” help and provides members opportunities to volunteer their skills to help those in need.

The Volunteer Coordinator also keeps district Deacons informed when one of his or her Care members makes a request.

This ministry takes to heart the mandate of stewardship, particularly stewardship of time and talent.