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Serve Together

There’s a place for you to volunteer and serve God at First CRC.  These serving opporutnites are open to everyone, members of the First CRC family, neighbors to our church, visitors to our church, friends of our church

Metal Recycle Ministry:  Staffed by volunteers, the Metal Recycle Ministry picks up all types of metal throughout the community and delivers that metal to a metal recycling facility twenty-five miles south for appropriate recycling. Items are collected, dismantled and separated into different types of metal before delivery to the metal recycle facility.

Appliance Ministry: We receive donations of working gently used appliances – washers, dryers, refrigerators, and stoves – and deliver them to families who are in need of and cannot afford to purchase these basic necessities. We receive the family requests from Love in Action.

First Acts of Love: An event where members of the First CRC family come to church on a Sunday afternoon to do “acts of love” for our community and for our church family. There are various “acts of love” to choose from including writing cards, preparing freezer meals, cleaning up yards, prayer walking, visiting members of our church who are in nursing homes or assisted living homes, and doing random acts of love in our community.

Bibles for Grand Haven: Bibles for Grand Haven Ministry is an outreach ministry of First CRC to make God’s Word, the Bible, accessible to all.  Bibles are purchased and distributed by First CRC volunteers to public venues such as restaurants, hotels, local hospitals, agencies, and coffee houses where they can be picked up for free by those interested. Church volunteers also highlight passages in each Bible to guide the reader specifically through the Salvation Story. Funded by donations from First CRC members, every year over 1,000 Bibles are distributed in the West Michigan area.

Ferry School Partnership: We partner with a public elementary school located near our church.  There are a number of volunteer opportunities with our Ferry School partnership.