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Grow Together (GIFT)

GROWING IN FAITH TOGETHER (GIFT) There’s a place for you to grow in your faith at First CRC.  We have a new resource to help you grow in your faith called Growing In Faith Together, or GIFT!  Every week we will have a GIFT insert in the bulletin and online.  It includes two sections: Today and This Week.

Today has material that pertains to the sermon on that particular Sunday with a place for sermon notes and discussion questions to help you dig deeper into the message on that Sunday.

This Week has material that will help you prepare for next Sunday, and can also serve as “homework” for your small group or Bible study as well as a resource for your personal or family devotions.  It includes some background information on the book of the Bible that will be read, few questions to think about as you read, and a reading plan to help you read through the verses that will be used for the upcoming sermon.

GIFT for the week of November 4, 2018: 

Download (PDF, 1.12MB)