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TCM Counseling


It is the mission of TCM Counseling to provide an opportunity for all people in the Tri-Cities to access professional Christian counseling to meet the spiritual, psychology and emotional needs of our community. In 2011, TCM  Counseling…

  • counseled more people than any other year in their 34 year history.
  • continued their commitment and never turned anyone away.
  • provided free counseling for our area pastors.

Our clients can face the future with strength…

“It is only when we face the suffering of one another that we are able to fix anything…and eventually fix ourselves. There is a place I know to go to now. There is a place I know that believes in facing our lives and not turning from them. There is a place I know that is not just one person, not just one specialty, not of just one concern. There is a place I know that sits on the corner of what has been and what is to come, and it is called TCM.” Sara, past TCM client