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Love in Action

Love in Action is an organization that exists to serve area churches in meeting the basic needs of families in our community. When clients come into Love in Action requesting help, they assess their situations and do all that they can to connect them with the appropriate ministries or secular agencies where help is available. Love in Action staff serves on the front line providing case management services and referral so that churches can more effectively channel their benevolent resources.

Love in Action is not a “handout”. The primary objective is always to assist people to move towards self- sufficiency where possible. They want to educate their clients about all they can do for themselves and all they can do with their lives in service to others, as well. Love in Action takes this position for a number of reasons. First, they believe it supports the dignity of the person seeking help. Secondly, they believe it is irresponsible to perpetuate a cycle of helplessness. Thirdly, they believe it to be good stewardship. Love wants to ‘teach people to fish rather than give them the fish’.

Love in Action hosts and supports many programs and ministries such as the Appliance Ministry (coordinated by First CRC), the Budget Counseling Program, the Laundry Hub, the Furniture Ministry, the Crib Ministry, God’s Guys (handyman services), Homes of Hope (shelter for the homeless), the Bicycle Ministry, and more.