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Small Groups

Sermon-Based Small Groups

Do you ever want to dig deeper into the subjects covered in the sermon messages at First CRC?  Do you have a desire to grow spiritually?  Do you want to connect and support others?  Then sermon based small groups might be for you!!

Sermon-based small groups give us a chance to take a deeper look and apply the ideas and concepts we have heard on Sunday morning to our lives and to the life of the church. They also allow us to share our lives with members of our church family and develop closer relationships to the family of God in a safe and trusting space.


On October 15 we will be launching a new sermon based small group series on the Reformation.  Each small group will meet weekly for 5 weeks to grow together by digging deeper into the themes and ideas covered in the sermon messages, and by supporting each other through prayer and discussion.

Sign up here today to join the group that works best with your schedule.



FAQ:Q When do groups meet?
A Each group meets weekly for the length of the sermon series. Most sermon series are 3-6 weeks in length. Typically there is a 1-2 week break between each sermon series allowing the groups to have a short break.

Q Who can join a Sermon-Based Small Group?
A Everyone—members of the First CRC Family, neighbors to our church, visitors to our church, friends of our church

Q How do I sign up?
A Sign up for the group you would like to join by filling out the sign up form found here.  Sign up for the day and time that works best with your schedule.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the First CRC Small Groups Program is “connectedness” through friendship and fellowship and   spiritual growth through applied faith.


Prayer: To provide a comfortable setting where people can share personal needs and receive encouragement and prayer.

Relationships: To provide an avenue for new members to be connected or enfolded into church life and current members to build trusting relationships.

Study: To provide opportunities for various forms of study to increase each individual’s knowledge of Christian life and service.

Structure: To provide an accountable structure for people to live out our mission for Small Groups.

Community: To provide a place where people feel they belong, are loved, and accepted.

Service: To provide opportunities for members of each group to serve our local neighbors with their time and talents.


A Quad is a group of 3-4 people of the same gender who meet regularly (usually weekly) for about an hour to talk about God’s word and to encourage and pray for each other and to share life. Meet any place of your choosing.

To get more information or if interested in joining a Quad, contact Sara Tysman, Director of Discipleship.